The team consists of two people and a Sports or GT car. The participation fee for the event is €2,990/person, i.e. €5,980/team. Upon registration, you pay a reservation fee of €680, which will be refunded when the final payment is made. The reservation fee applies to a two-person one car team.


When you choose bank or credit card payment as the payment method for the online store, the payment intermediary is Stripe, which is a safe and easy payment method. The payment takes place directly on the online store’s website and you are not directed to another service. When you pay with a debit or credit card payment provided by Stripe, you agree to Stripe’s terms and conditions, which you can find here.


If you cancel your participation 30 days before the event, we will deduct a €100 office fee.
If you cancel your participation 30-14 days before the event, we will withhold the booking fee of €680.
If Peru participates less than 14 days before the event, you are obliged to pay the entire participation fee of €5,980.


Kumipallo4000 is a sports car road trip driven on public roads. Violation of laws is not accepted at the event. By paying the participation fee, the participant assures that his team will comply with the local road traffic laws and other legislation in force and consider other roar users. The participants release Kumipallo4000 / GT Crew Oy from all responsibility for their actions.

Kumipallo4000 / GT Crew Oy can, at their discretion, immediately cancel the road trip of a participant whose behaviour intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to the company, other participants, or third parties. A possible cancellation of the road trip can, at discretion, be extended to the person’s other travel party as well.

By paying the reservation fee, the participants confirm that they have read and understood these rules, and that they will follow them. At the same time, the participant releases the organizing body from all responsibility regarding his actions.

An enjoyable driving experience for everyone!